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Are you there, Bahamut? It's me, Rynet

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Name:Rynet Ancolar
Birthdate:Feb 18
My name is Rynet Ancolar and I'm a cleric of Bahamut. If you happen to be from another plane, I'm from the world Palurin. I'm keeping this journal to record the travels that my duties require of me.

I currently travel in a party of six. The others traveling with me are:
  • Hadrik, a wizard
  • Vlad, a paladin of Pelor
  • X, a warforged fighter
  • Aspen, a shifter ranger
  • Musashi, a dragonborn assassin

  • In case you haven't noticed, this is my D&D 4e character journal. &mdash [personal profile] yaysunshine
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